Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the search begins

Aftet Sharon and I were married, we spent about seven years looking for a church that was true-set up like Jesus set up the His church while on earth 20000+ years ago. He had the Authority and was the sole owner of His priesthood.  He called 12 apostles and three were also set apart as the first presidency: Peter as the the President-prophet, seer,and revelator;  with James and John as his two counscellors. and with the twelve, it was done with the laying on of hands-His, on each of their heads.  When the prophet dies, all the priesthood keys to administer the gospel fall back on the twelve and a new president is called; by custom, the senior apostle. Then another is called to keep the quorum at twelve.  As I looked at the Catholic church and compared it to the time He was on earth, there was no comparison betwen the two.  The Lord did not walk around in costly vestments, have a cathedral with marble statues and cut marble altars.  Rome claims keys of authority from Peter, who they claim was the first pope. Wrong. Peter was dead hundreds of years when the catholic church was organized.  And he did not speak orwrite in Latin, which only a few of the upper crust could do.  Nor did he drink wine from a gold, jewel lined chalace. The church of Rome formed the doctrine of transubstaniation, which claims the sacrement of bread and wine literally become Hid body and blood, That is cannabalism.  When, at the Last Supper he gave that sacrement it was thus.  He broke bread to show his body would be torn and given up; and said do this in REMEMBRANCE OF THAT ATONEMENT.  Same with the wine; drink it in REMEMBRANCE OF MY BLOOD THAT WAS ABOUT TO BE SHEED, NOT, HERE, DRINK MY BLOOD. hOW ABSURD!  tHIS IS JUST A LITLE lesson in history.  The Jewish leaders(who were usually apointed and change at the whim of the Roman caapturers followed the Mosiac laws-except they added to them, making them unbeliably complicated for the average person to follow.  Example: no work on the sabbath, which could be punishable by death.  One of their additions was that you were not allowed to walk on grass on the sabbath.  Reason: it could be in seed, and walking on it was considered thrashing it or working.  They literally believed an eye for an eye and did not know what the word fogiveness meant.  And they also walked around in costly attire so everyone could see how important they were. Then Christ starts His minisry of love-180 degree turn around.  If someone steals your coat, give him also your cloak. If someone strikes you on the cheek, turn your head and let them hit you again.  When he taught, the crowds were enourmous-20-30 thousand at one time-which is why he got in a boat and preached from it.  He was a real threat to the Jewish rulers and they found an illigal way to put him to death.
After Jesus ascended to heaven, His church was ruled by His apostles. One by one they died or were put to death, and the Jewish leaders took over again mixing His simple, pure, authoritative gosple with their own brand of philosophy. Centuries later His church was unreconizable and wielded enormous power.  Along comes Constitine who, instead of continuing the fight with Rome, made it his state religion and ordered ALL to join.  He also took the luxury of apointing church officials-no more calling a man through inspiration of the HolyGhost and the laying on of hands with Christ priesthood authority.  I t was a mess. The common man could only believe what the bogus priests tod them-no mass production of the Bible nor in a languge they could read.  The Gutenburg press changed that; along with Luther(a former catholic priest in germany) who wrote the bible in german and made it possible for all to read. of course, he was kicked out of the catholic church.  others followeded, like Calvin, etc.
So now in the 1800's. the prophecy of Isiah came true;  everything was so screwed up, there was only one thing left to do: wipe the slate clean, and start over.  And that's where the Church of Jesus Christ came into existance; set up with priesthood authority and organized just like Christ organized His church while he was on earth. Sacred records were hid up, written by American continent prophets, the last being Mormom and his son, Moroni.  The Book ofMormon contained the pure and true gospel of Jesus, translated by the power of God by the prophet Joseph Smith. Once again, priesthood authority and the Lord's gospel were on the earht, in this, the last dispensation, called the fullness of times-and it has remained true and cosistant till today.

So, when we left the Catholic church, there was no sense joining any Protasent churh; they broke away from rome and were just as false.  So what do we do? Search. For the truth. We looked into everything from psychic phenonomen, Unity Village, but always had the feeling something was missing. Next: how we became members of the true Church. And rememer: God is always the same-yesterday, today, and tomorrow; or He would cease to be God. So it follows if He is always the same, then ALL churches would teach exactly the same thing. They don't.  So a restoration had to be-time to start over fresh, organizing the churhc just as Christ did while He was on earth, No exceprtions, no adding philosophies and unreadable languages.  Think about it and you will know I speak the truth. So, Coming up: how we found it or it found us.Side note: Christ says in the New Testament,"Let no man be called father, except your Father who art in Heaven." The word, "Pope," is from the Italian, "Papa," which means father,  And Catholic priest are referd to as "father so and so.  What a slap in the face to God and His Son.

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